Will Candles Melt In A Hot Car

Will Candles Melt In A Hot Car

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Find out: Will Candles Melt In A Hot Car

My sample candles, which I use to give folks to take along so they can smell my scented candles, were in my car when I realized I had forgotten them. I didn’t foresee that my car would become so hot that my candle would melt and lose its shape. As you are aware, cars can get quite heated up. In this post we want to answer the question will candles melt in a hot car?

Paraffin was the only wax that candle lovers were aware of for a very long period in the past. There are various possibilities available to you now because of numerous developments. Depending on the kind of candle you want. If you want natural or synthetic wax, and the melting temperature you’ll be working with, you’ll need to decide what kind of wax to buy.


Candles frequently melt in extreme heat. This can occur everywhere, including in a car lacking air conditioning, outside in full sunlight, and in the car. However, the melting point varies depending on the type of wax.

The temp at which each type transforms from a solid into a liquid has a unique melting point.
Candles may melt in a car since the interior can get as hot as 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Candles can burn out in a hot car in 30 min or two hours.

However, the candles won’t melt as quickly if the vehicle is in a sheltered area. Direct sunshine will cause the car to heat up much more quickly. More heat is produced by the sun’s beams and is retained by the windows.

It will take a lot longer for the car to warm up if it is placed in the shade. This is not to imply that it won’t get warm; regardless of what, exterior temperatures will determine that. However, it won’t get unbearably hot within the car without that direct solar exposure, at least not right away.

Tinting of car

This is also another crucial element. Colored windows are made primarily to reflect or absorb the UV rays from the sun. If left in the sun, this can help prevent temperatures from rising too high. Although it won’t stop the car from heating up, it will stop the temperature from rising above that 170°F threshold.

The interior’s color may also be important. This can include the floors, seats, fabric, and dash color. Light will reflect off lighter colors rather than be absorbed, especially white. This will slow down the car’s rapid heat.

Meanwhile, black color is the worst because it absorbs all light. In addition to raising the temperature, having a dark interior will make those objects hotter. A black dashboard in particular can potentially reach temperatures of 190 to 210°F.

Refractory hues are also significant. These items, which are like tin foil put between the dashboard and the windshield, may be familiar to you. This is done to deflect heat from the windscreen and reduce the rate at which the interior of the car gets warm. Additionally, it shields the interior and dashboard from sun exposure.

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What Time Does a Candle Take to Melt?

Although we don’t typically leave things in our cars, it can occur in a lot of everyday circumstances. You might have bought your candles when visiting a mall, but you still want to make a visit to a friend. Most of us leave the bag in the car instead of bringing it with us.

You’d be surprised to learn that there are other considerations besides the wax’s melting temperature and the interior temp of the car. The candle’s type and size is also an important factor to consider.

For instance, a small candle will certainly melt much more fast than something larger and heavier.  Type is also key. The time needed for melting can vary depending on the type of candle being used, like a tealight candle, or pillar candle.

A paraffin wax candle, for example, might start melting in just 25 or 30 minutes.
Note, the heat inside the car is what matters; this is true even if the outside temperature appears to be comfortable. Let’s Find out

will Candles Melt In A Hot Car

The candle’s melting point may also be significantly influenced by its container. When a candle is purchased with minimal to no packaging, it will be exposed to heat and perhaps sunlight.
But there are numerous packaging options for candles. Boxes, plastic, wax paper, and a variety of other items can be used. Even the particular kind of material used becomes crucial.

It does not necessarily follow that something has a common melting point just because it is coated in plastic. The material could be bigger, which can withstand higher temperatures, or smaller, which might lead to an easier melt. For example, some plastic covers can withstand temperatures of up to 212°F. That is the temperature at which water reaches its boiling point. There are also some plastic wraps that won’t melt until temperatures reach the 220° to 250°F range, typically those used in the kitchen.

Therefore, unless the candle is left in the car for an extremely extended time, you probably will not be concerned about it melting if it is wrapped in plastic. While wax paper is unquestionably not heat-resistant.

The paper’s wax coating will probably just melt like a candle. This implies that your candle will eventually have two layers of hot wax atop it.
You can see that it’s difficult to predict when a candle will melt in a car. It might be challenging to predict when.

At what temperature do candles melt

It depends on the kind of wax used and any additives added, candle wax melts at temperatures ranging from 75°F to 180°F. The melt temperature of candle wax can be raised by using particular wax mixes. It can also be greatly raised by adding luster crystals.

Melting Points of Various Wax Types
Type Of Wax Melting Point
Soy Wax 120 to 180 F
Coconut Wax 75 and 100 F
Paraffin Wax 122 and 158 F
Rapeseed Wax 125 and 1136F
Beeswax 143 and 151F

Do candles melt in the sun

Yes, candles can melt in the sun. The degree of sun we experience on Earth has the potential to seriously harm a candle’s structural stability in addition to being several million degrees hot, which is undoubtedly sufficiently hot to render it completely useless.

A candle’s makeup, especially the elements of the candle wax, tends to suffer when it is exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. This is due to the general features of a good candle, which include the capacity to melt appropriately when exposed to fire or high temperatures, in addition to the fact that since creating and shaping candles needed a great deal of heat, such high temperatures can also actually destroy or, more accurately, melt them.

Will Candles Melt In A Hot Car

Yes, a candle will melt in a hot car or environment. However, how long it takes is determined by the type of candle wax and the temperature.

Will Candles Melt In A Hot Car

How to fix a candle that melted in car

If my candle melts in my car, is it destroyed?

No, the candle is probably not destroyed if it is a container candle that has melted in the car and is sitting perfectly straight. It only has to be reset and hardened again by setting it down on a flat surface in a cooler environment. Your biggest issue will be making sure the wick is in the center and that no wax spills out while you move it.

The kind of candle and the way it is positioned both matter. The likelihood that it will be destroyed if a pillar candle or perhaps a thin tapered candle melts in the car is high, but every circumstance is unique.

Will candles melt in a storage unit?

Yes, Candles do really melt when kept in storage. There are ways to avoid this, or at the very least, extend the lifespan of these items while they are stored. Owning a climate-controlled storage container would be the ideal solution. Your candles won’t be damaged by heat or moisture accumulation because the store temperature is consistent year-round between 50 and 85 degrees.

How to keep candles from melting outside

Wherever practicable, store candles away from light. Many candles are sent to you in strong, reusable boxes, which serve as excellent protectors for your final candles. Get a shaded tent if you plan to sell your candles outside so that you can stay out of the heat. Consider leaving fewer items on the exposed table when it’s extremely sunny outside.

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How to keep candles from tunneling

The easiest strategy to deal with candle tunneling is to avoid it in the first place. And it’s also incredibly easy.

What you need to do to avoid tunneling is light your candle long enough during the time so that the wax on the top is completely melted. When you light your candle for the first time, this is extremely crucial.

The length of time it takes primarily is determined by the size of the candle. As a general guideline, you must burn the candle for one hour for each inch of its diameter. As a result, you should prepare to let your candle burn for 3 hours if its diameter is 3 inches.

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If your candle has indeed begun tunneling, what should you do?

Don’t panic; there’s still hope. You may naturally stop tunneling and keep your candle by being aware of the causes. The outer wax covering the tunnel can theoretically be simply melted to restore the surface’s evenness and repair candle tunneling.

1. The Hair Dryer Method

Reduce the wick and take out any obstructions from the passage. The wax on the candle’s top surface should be heated and use a heat gun or a hair dryer set to its maximum setting.

To encourage the unmelted wax to melt more quickly, you can carefully probe it with a toothpick.
Heat the object until the top layer of wax is fully melted and smoothed out.

Your candle should burn for at minimum 30 minutes or till you can not see any tunneling before being relit. Over the next three days, set your candle away and allow the wax to harden.

It can require between two days for paraffin to two weeks for soy or coconut wax to attain its maximum hardness, based on the kind of wax in use in your candle.

2. The Aluminium Foil Method

Reduce the wick and take out any obstructions from the passage. Aluminum foil should be used to cover the candle’s top. In the middle of the aluminum foil, make a 1-inch-tall opening. The aluminum foil is taken off, the wick is lit, and then the foil cover is replaced.

Let the candle burn for a few hours or until the wax has fully melted and flattened out on the top.
Set your candle aside, and over the following few days, let the wax fully harden.

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Ideas for storing candles

Are you contemplating the greatest candle storage suggestions? If so, here is a list of 8 excellent candle storage suggestions. It is actually quite simple to wind up with more candles than you realize what to do with because candles are a special source of both lighting and ambiance. Candles may be used to lighten the mood in the home, get rid of unpleasant smells, and of course, adorn your environment.

To ensure the longevity of candles, whether they are jar candles, tumbler candles, pillar candles, taper candles, or any other variety, care must be taken.

Here is some advice from experts on how to store candles safely while not in use in order to extend their lifespan.

1. Store the Candle in a cool and dry environment

When stored at low to moderate temperatures, candles are believed to last the longest. Therefore, the ideal storage locations are typically areas like closets, cabinets, and dry basements. This is because candle wax is easily melted by even a small amount of heat, and as a result, this could melt out, bend, or otherwise change shape.

Will Candles Melt In A Hot Car

In addition to melting them, the sun has a tendency to degrade their smell and colors. However, it is not suggested to freeze them since although the wick will most likely be destroyed from collecting moisture and might not light properly, the wax will likely remain hard and undamaged. Once more, even if a site is cool, if it’s moist, it’s not ideal.

2. Cover them up

When handling candles, you might have caught yourself unintentionally using your nail to scrape off the wax. This is due to the fact that candles are extremely fragile and require protection from force or contact. Therefore, think of individually wrapping each one in tissue paper before placing it in a box or basket. As a result, they will be less likely to absorb moisture and rub against one another or the box they are in. Additionally, the container of your choosing must be made of a material that is resistant to temperature variations, like woven baskets.

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3. Keep Them Near Their Holders while storing

Although it might seem trivial, you will realize how important it is to maintain the specified holders close to the candles when you are unable to locate the correct candle holders or stands. Keep in mind that you only become aware of your restricted options for candle holders when you are ready to use your candles. So, when keeping your candles, be sure to place their holders together.

4. Make use of tins and jars

This is for you if you usually need candles, especially cake candles. Since cake candles are little, preserving them shouldn’t be too difficult. Keep in mind that you can just place them flat in tins or jars, which you can then stack in a basket or place on a shelf. If you want to be more decorative, you may separate them out and arrange them in each jar according to their individual colors before setting the jars on your cool, dry shelf. Additionally, you can be creative and even come up with color schemes.

5. Candle and Fire Safety

Candles are required to be kept out of the reach of children and animals, even when they aren’t burning. Additionally, you ought to make an effort to avoid keeping candles near anything flammable or in cardboard boxes.

The National Fire Protection Association reports that between 2013 and 2018, U.S. fire departments responded to nearly 8,000 candle-related home fires.

6. Put them away from children’s reach

When not in use, make every effort to keep your candles away from children, especially young, energetic ones. Children are inquisitive creatures who are drawn to practically anything. If you leave candles in areas where kids may access them, a fire threat may be there. Be aware that your children may have witnessed you lighting candles, and when you aren’t present or not paying attention, they can enjoy imitating you. Always make sure to keep your candles out of reach of little children.

7. Avoid Putting Them Near Sharp Objects

Always keep in mind never to put your candles with anything sharp, such as knives, nails, or files. Candles, as was previously said, have very delicate surfaces, therefore if you store them alongside objects that can damage or deform them, you risk having candles that are no longer usable. In addition to wrapping them, think about putting them in safe places.

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8. Use Ziploc bag for scented candles

Always keep in mind that scented candles are particularly delicate and that they frequently lose their smell when left out in the open. Even though they may still be utilized for lighting as a result of this, their primary function will be defeated. Make ensure that you keep all scented candles in a Ziploc bag to prevent this. By doing this, the smell will be preserved and the candles will stay fresh. Before storing them, remember to wrap them first.


In conclusion to the question will Candles Melt In A Hot Car, as a general guideline, avoid keeping candles in your car longer than necessary. You often can’t help it, like in the abovementioned.  But if at all possible, try to prevent keeping them in the sun for too long.
However, if you’re in a difficulty, you may be pretty confident because your candle will most probably retain up in the immediate and remain intact.


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