How to light a candle without a lighter

How To Light A Candle Without A Lighter

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How to light a candle without a lighter

Are you the type that normally takes or has a candle or two in hand? In the event of a power failure? Or is there a candle of yours that you want to light, but there is no lighter, or it’s out of fuel? You don’t need to fret, but stay calm, as there are essential survival supplies that you can easily get around. Most of which are way too easy to carry out!

The different ways you can light a candle without a lighter span from the easiest to the hardest.

Various ways of lighting a candle without a lighter

1.  Using a matchstick

How to light a candle without a lighter

This natural and non-electronic lighter is the easiest alternative of all. Although it may not be as convenient as an electronic lighter, it can be used easily for both old and new candles (already-burnt wick and new wick, respectively),.

However, matches are very portable to carry anywhere and can be widely available, picked up at grocery stores while running errands.

It becomes uneasy about using matches when your candle has already burned down too far. When this happens, you should use the other alternatives listed here.

2.  Magnifying lens

This tricky method works only under the influence of sunlight. Just use the magnifying lens to focus the light/sunlight on a piece of paper in a fireproof cup, after which the lighted paper can then be used to light the candle. Do not forget to take care of the fire on the paper by putting it off, after which you are already done lighting your candle.

3.  Use of stove burner, oven, toaster, or space heater

These convenient heating elements can replace “matches”. Let your burner turn red when you must have turned it on, and then put the candle on it to catch the heat and make fire.

4.  Flint strike

Look for where the metal is situated and then strike a flint on it as far as the metal contains iron. This would make a spark. Most importantly, ensure that you put out the fire once this has been achieved to prevent a fire outbreak.

5.   Aluminum foil and battery

Know your battery well before following this method. The types of batteries you can use depend on what you have at home: AAA, AA, C, or D battery.

It is advisable to go for this whenever you have no other options or a power outage. Take your aluminum foil and cut about ¾ inch of it, twice as long as the battery. Fold it in half, pinch the middle, and then match up one end of the strip to the other end of the battery.

By doing this, current travels through the aluminum strip instantly and heats it. Then you can now take the middle of the strip and make it contact the candle wick, provided it is hot enough. This should be able to light the candle wick quickly. Do not forget to remove both the foil and the battery immediately.

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How to light a candle without burning my fingers

Is your favorite candle so deep to reach? Has it melted down beyond your reach? Does it sit too deep for a regular lighter? Want to reach that deep candle wick? Does it now involve you trying to reach it, but your thumb keeps getting burned? This, of course, can be very frustrating.

As the candle burns, the wick gets difficult to reach. Some people prefer to throw it away at that point, while others who have no choice use it. At that point, the aim is to look for ways to light the candle safely without getting burnt.

If you want to save your fingers, there are a few tips that you can try out, and it has to be a home-safe tip. A few of which are by:

  • Use a lighter to light one end of uncooked pasta. Make sure it’s dry. It has been tested that spaghetti works best. With the pasta stick, you can reach down and light the wick like it’s nothing. Making it easier and stress-free for you.
  • Use a paper strip by twisting it and then lighting it up. Afterward, please use it to light the candle that is already deep in wick length.

Note: The tightness of your twisted paper determines the speed at which it will burn.
If available, you can get a longer match or a bigger lighter.

Use a chopstick if possible

Make use of a standard disposable lighter. When you use your index finger to strike it and then hold the lighter with your thumb and middle finger at the base in the middle of holding the gas using your thumb, your risk of getting a burn decreases.
Long fireworks do the job, too, as long as they are long, thin strips that can easily reach the candle.

How to light a candle without a wick

Without a wick? It is possible, but it requires more work than burning the stick into a flame. The noble duty of a wick is to provide a steady source of oxygen for flames. The fact that there is no wick does not mean that you cannot burn a candle to create a flame. However, you cannot make the flame.

Need a wick alternative?

It does not need to involve what candle I want. Most of which could be used for a special occasion, birthday, or wedding and could be used in a project or a gift for a friend. The properties of the wick are that it must be; soft (not too soft) and easy to cut, of moderate size so as not to get in the way of the flame, and does not give out heat enough to melt the wax.

Below are the ways by which you can make a wick alternatively, they are:

By the use of spaghetti as a wick

How to light a candle without a lighter

Spaghetti works well in using it to create a wick for your candles. It becomes better when it is a soggy one. To make the best wick out of this, you should begin by placing the spaghetti in a colander, followed by pressing it down in the center in the line of creating a wick. Pasta is bound to absorb more of the candle’s melted wax and collect it on its surface, with the candle allowed to be lit for a longer period.

  • By the use of a mop

That old mop from your attic, garage, or basement can be useful after all, instead of losing it to a landfill. Just craft a cool and unique candle. Then what is left is for you to have a mop head to use, a candle, and a bag of cotton balls.

  • Use a toothpick

This is a wick that kind of reaches the end and can get very hot, leading to the wax getting cracked.

  • Use yarn, twine, or cotton string

Materials like this can also be used, as they have the same basic properties as wicks and it is charged. However, they do not have the same chemical composition as wicks made from plant fiber. This type of material has the same properties as the wick, even though the wick is sometimes made of paper. What you have to do is dip it in wax.

They make the melted wax travel up to the wick and then transfer heat to the flame. In that process, the amount of light and heat emitted is increased.

FAQS on How To Light A Candle Without A Lighter

Q: Can I light a candle without a lighter?

A: Yes, there are alternative methods to light a candle if you don’t have a lighter. Common options include using matches, a stove, or another lit candle.

Q: What’s the best way to light a candle without a lighter?

A: Matches are a convenient alternative. Hold the match at an angle and strike it away from you to ignite. Once lit, carefully bring the flame to the candle wick.

Q: Can I use a stove to light a candle?

A: Yes, you can use a gas stove to light a candle. Turn on the stove, wait for the gas to flow, and carefully bring the candle wick to the flame. Do this with caution to avoid accidents.

Q: Is it safe to use another lit candle to light a new one?

A: Yes, using a lit candle to light another one is a common method. Hold the unlit candle at a slight angle and bring it close to the flame of the already lit candle.

Q: Are there any safety precautions when lighting a candle without a lighter?

A: Always exercise caution. If using matches, keep your fingers away from the striking end. When using a stove or another candle, be mindful of the open flame and avoid accidental burns.

Q: What should I do if I don’t have matches or a lighter?

A: If you don’t have matches or a lighter, consider using alternative fire starters like a magnifying glass focusing sunlight, a battery and gum wrapper, or even a piece of paper lit on a gas stove.

Q: Can I use an electric stove to light a candle?

A: While technically possible, it’s not recommended to use an electric stove for this purpose, as it involves an open flame. Stick to safer methods, like matches or another lit candle.

Q: Can I improvise a makeshift lighter?

A: Yes, you can improvise a makeshift lighter using household items like a magnifying glass, a battery, or even a crisp piece of bacon as a natural fire starter.

Always prioritize safety when attempting to light a candle using alternative methods, and be cautious to prevent accidents or injuries.


Mastering the art of lighting a candle without a lighter opens up a world of possibilities, especially when the need arises and traditional tools aren’t at hand. Whether you opt for the classic strike of a match, leverage the steady flame of a gas stove, or elegantly transfer the glow from one candle to another, these alternatives offer both convenience and resourcefulness.

Remember, safety is paramount. Whichever method you choose, exercise caution and mindfulness to avoid accidents and burns. From makeshift fire starters to utilizing natural sunlight, creativity can play a role in turning everyday items into practical solutions for illuminating your space.

So, the next time you find yourself in a dimly lit room with a desire for the warm glow of a candle, fear not if a lighter is elusive. Armed with these alternative techniques, you can transform any moment into a well-lit, cozy ambiance.

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