How To Light A Pumpkin Without A candle

How To Light A Pumpkin Without A candle

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How To Light A Pumpkin Without A candle

You just made some of the coolest designs off your pumpkins? Have the pumpkins been well carved too? Do you want to bring life to your designs? And what’s next is to light those pumpkins! You will learn how to light a pumpkin without a candle with affordable and accessible items around you.

Here is how to light a pumpkin without a candle:

1.  Use glow sticks

The use of a glow lasts longer, creating a soft glow rather than a bright light. So place a few glow sticks inside a carved pumpkin, and your pumpkin is completely lit up.

It is better to use the glow sticks for a smaller pumpkin to get a brighter glow. You can get your glow sticks from a nearby store, like the one designed for Halloween pumpkins, or you can use the regular ones – those you can get at outdoor events and parties.

To get a brighter glow for a larger pumpkin, use high-intensity glow sticks. It’s just that they do not last long. In addition, there are battery-operated ones specifically designed for Halloween.

2.  Christmas lights

How To Light A Pumpkin Without A candle

Using Christmas lights to light your pumpkin will give out a unique effect. This is because of the different colors of (like green, red, blue, or purple) Christmas lights or the twinkle color (multi-color). Here, you do not have to stress yourself; stuff them inside the pumpkin, and that is all.

In the process of stuffing it in, you will notice how long that is going to be, so it is something that you ought to get creative with; by being creative, you can take the rest of the Christmas lights and make it the “hair” of the pumpkin by putting it on its head.

3. Use a pumpkin light stand

How To Light A Pumpkin Without A candle

This is practical. Using this stand provides you with the benefits of having a defensive mindset to place your carved pumpkin on. It has a 6-foot cord that allows you to turn the light on and off easily. To make it easier for you, get it plugged into a light timer instead of worrying about turning on/off your lighted pumpkin every night.

4. Halloween pumpkin LED light

How To Light A Pumpkin Without A candle

LED lights are brighter than a regular bulb lights. Get the one that is specifically designed for use in carved pumpkins. There are battery-operated ones that they sell for use inside stairways or closets or the yellow flickering LED pumpkin lights, including the LED strobe light ones.

5.  Flameless candle tealights

How To Light A Pumpkin Without A candle

It is a replacement for a candle. Using a flame candle that seems like a tea light size will easily find its way into your already carved pumpkin. For example, you can try 2 to 4 flameless tealight candles inside your pumpkin for a better flicker and glow, just like a real candle. This flameless tealight is the best choice for some people because of its orange blend with the pumpkin walls.

6. Flashlight

If you have a flashlight, just put it to use by placing it inside your carved pumpkin. They produce a bright and long-lasting light.
Some people use the LED flashlight instead of the regular flashlight. However, using both will add dimension and shadows to your pumpkin. This is because the larger they are, the more noticeable they will be!

How To Carve Halloween Pumpkins Like A Pro

To have a successful pumpkin carving, all you need is to learn the steps, which would be listed below. This should be done right after you already have a pumpkin with an intact stem – the greener, the better!

Now, in order to carve your own Halloween pumpkin, there are various procedures you should follow, and they are:

Make a snappy preparation of the carving area

Get it done using an outdoor table, and you can cover it with a cheap and disposable tablecloth for you to easily roll it up and throw it immediately you’re done carving. In addition, make sure that you do not use a dirty table as a work surface.
Collect tools needed to carve your pumpkins

The best experts are usually the ones having a toolbox. To get the job done, have a standard pumpkin carving tool kit. For a smooth scrape of the inside wall of the pumpkin, use a short-handled, wedge-shaped pumpkin scoop. Do this after you must have removed most of the strings and seeds.

Make a hole in the back

Carve out a square or diamond-shaped opening at the back of the pumpkin. It must be large enough to accommodate both hand and wrist. Please do not dispose of the pumpkin panel because it is still useful, and it is meant for you to put back when you are done.

Get the guts scooped out

Pumpkins usually have this gloppy mess inside of them. You should easily remove it with your hand or an ice cream scoop. If this is not done properly, it will likely end up with premature rot, and squirrels and other critters might come hunting for it.

Sketch a design

You can, first of all, draw it on a piece of paper and later draw it onto your pumpkins. Use dry-erase markers, grease pencils, or washable colored markers. They all wipe more easily than a pen or Sharpie. You should also use transfer paper for an elaborate design. For a stencil, tape the printout directly over the already-carved pumpkin.

Go ahead with cutting

Having gotten a sharpened knife, carefully cut along with your design. In the process of doing this, avoid your hand (applied for stabilizing your pumpkin) getting in the way of the one used to wield the knife. If it is hard for the already-cut piece to pop out, try pushing it in. However, if it gets stuck, you can cut it in half.

Follow a preservative routine for your pumpkin

Using a bathroom cleaner containing bleach, spray your pumpkin inside and out. Allow it to evaporate for about 5 (five) minutes. This is done to prevent the pumpkin from rotting quickly, and it protects it out of reach from hungry squirrels and other animals.
Finally, light it up!
Plug your LED holiday string lights and stuff them inside your pumpkin. Let the cord trail out from the back panel to an electrical outlet.

List of some of the tools used for carving pumpkin

Paring knife: use a sharpened knife (for an easy cut) with just the right size and shape.

Ice cream scoop: it is meant for scraping and must be sharpened on the sides. Perfect for the removal of goop

Lemon zester and vegetable peeler: used for making creative decorative effects and textures.

File knife: get a thin and narrow-bladed knife. Using a wide blade will not make a thorough stab through tough parts of the pumpkin easily.

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FAQS How To Light A Pumpkin Without A candle

Q: How can I light a pumpkin without using a candle?

A: There are several creative and safe alternatives to candles for lighting a pumpkin. LED lights, battery-operated fairy lights, and glow sticks are popular choices that eliminate the fire risk associated with traditional candles.

Q: Can I use Christmas lights to light up my pumpkin?

A: Yes, you can repurpose Christmas lights or any string lights to illuminate your pumpkin. Ensure they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use based on where you display your pumpkin.

Q: Are LED lights a safe option for lighting pumpkins?

A: Yes, LED lights are a safe alternative. They don’t generate heat like candles, reducing the risk of fire. Additionally, they come in various colors and can be battery-operated for convenience.

Q: How long do glow sticks last in a pumpkin?

A: Glow sticks typically last for several hours, making them a temporary but vibrant option for lighting pumpkins. Ensure you activate the glow stick just before displaying your pumpkin for the best effect.

Q: Can I use a flashlight to light my pumpkin?

A: Yes, a small flashlight can be an effective and safe way to light a pumpkin. Simply place the flashlight inside the pumpkin, directing the beam toward the carved areas.

Q: What are the benefits of using alternatives to candles for pumpkin lighting?

A: Using alternatives such as LED lights or glow sticks eliminates the fire hazard associated with candles. They also provide more flexibility in terms of colors and effects, allowing for a unique and safe pumpkin display.

Q: Can I use flameless tea lights for pumpkin illumination?

A: Yes, flameless tea lights are a popular and safe choice for lighting pumpkins. They mimic the flickering effect of real candles without the risk of an open flame.

Q: Are there creative ways to enhance pumpkin lighting?

A: Consider combining different light sources for a unique effect. Mixing LED lights with glow sticks or using color-changing bulbs can add a dynamic element to your pumpkin display.

Q: Can I use real candles if supervised closely?

A: While it’s possible to use real candles if closely supervised, it’s not recommended due to the fire risk. Safer alternatives like LED lights or glow sticks provide a worry-free way to illuminate your pumpkin.

Q: How do I secure the lighting inside the pumpkin?

A: For LED lights, battery packs can be placed outside the pumpkin, and the lights can be threaded through carved openings. For glow sticks or flameless tea lights, position them securely inside the pumpkin to avoid movement.

Illuminate your pumpkin safely and creatively with these alternatives to candles, ensuring a vibrant and worry-free display for your Halloween or fall festivities.


Halloween will only be perfect with a pumpkin designed and well preserved. If you do well to follow all the procedures involved, it will create an eerily artistic scene. Even if there is no candle, the other alternatives that have been listed are enough to light up your pumpkins. and bring their designs out, giving them a shiny, textured glimmer.

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