How do I get rid of lizards permanently

How do I get rid of lizards permanently

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How do I get rid of lizards permanently?

Are you tired of seeing lizard eggs around? Does the mere sight of these wall-climbing reptiles disgust you? Or do you think their smell is something bad for their health? And you want to get rid of them permanently within and around your homes? Then, this article is for you.

Keep on reading to find out how to get rid of pesky lizards permanently and how you can take some steps that will eliminate the root cause. Please make sure you pay attention to every detail and tip this article will provide you on how to get rid of them permanently.

Before taking any step that will involve using both natural or chemical remedies, be very much aware that without making efforts to stop the practices that attract these wall-climbing reptiles. An example of which is leaving leftovers and having lots of wall crevices in your homes

Here’s how to get rid of lizards permanently; below are the steps you can take to eliminate these wall-climbing reptiles forever:

Use of spray containing chili powder, vinegar, and lemon

The effect of this mixture is very effective because naturally, lizards get irritated by chili powder, and they detest the smell of lemon and vinegar. To do this, Thoroughly mix chili powder and black pepper, dilute with water, add vinegar, and stir thoroughly before putting the mixture into a spray bottle to apply or spray on surfaces with lizard infestation.

Tobacco and coffee powder

If you have loose tobacco around, mix it with coffee powder, then roll it to form a tiny ball. To do this, After making a mix of both materials, get the already rolled ball and stick it to a toothpick. When this is done, place the toothpicks around the house or in places where lizards are mostly seen. This will help kill them instantly.

Set a rat glue trap around

Put these do-it-yourself traps in areas where lizards are mostly seen; you can do well to hang them up on walls since it’s a wall climbing animal you’re battling with.

Use cats

One thing you must have did not know about as regards cats are their ability to hunt lizards down. With them in the home, the population of lizards is said to get drastically reduced. Although this would later lead to the death of most cats due to the harmful parasite that lizards carry known as liver fluke.

Lemongrass stalks

According to research, lemongrass has been said to be very effective in getting rid of lizards due to their mosquito repellent ability, and lizards tend to be attracted to mosquitoes, so by making use of lemongrass, there will be a reduction in the population of mosquitoes. This will make lizards have difficulty inbreeding.

Naphthalene balls

the odor of naphthalene balls can get rid of pesky lizards by distracting and ultimately repelling them.

Eggshells odor

lizards get easily and readily irritated at the odor of eggshells, and this has made it an effective weapon in getting rid of them permanently.

What smell do lizards hate?

It might be very surprising to know that most of the smells that lizards hate or that deter lizards are some household items. Examples of these are mothballs, garlic, eggshells, and coffee powder. So you might want to do well to always have them around you.

How do you lure lizards out of hiding

You have to move benches, chairs, and couches away from walls to lure lizards out of their hiding holes or space. So first, check well for tight spaces, and then try to create space so that lizards won’t be able to scurry down and hide there easily.

How long can a Lizard survive in a house?

Normally, the mode of survival for a house lizard is not necessarily based on food and water. However, without food, they can only survive between 10 and 30 days, while without water, it might take them up to about three days or so. And this has led to most of their deaths as a result of dehydration.

Do Lizards like cold or hot

Lizards can go cold or hot due to circumstances involving them regulating their body temperature. For instance, for them to mate, they need to be hot. What’s More? These pesky reptiles do what we call “basking” in the sun, mostly warm. This is done to maintain their body temperature as well, and since they are mostly active only when their body is warm, they can thrive in places like deserts.

Note: Lizards are generally reptiles as well as cold-blooded organisms. They are conformers, and this means that they cannot keep their internal and external environment in balance, just like the way it works in humans. This is why they burrow or bask during hot or cold temperatures respectively to thrive.

What months do Lizards hibernate?

The hibernation period of lizards is usually during winter, and it takes them up to about 3 to 4 months before they can come out of hibernation, depending on the locality condition.

So the answer to the question is typical during the cold time of the year, which spans from December to February in many areas around the United States.

Where are lizards mostly found during winter?

Research has proven that these cold-blooded reptiles hardly come out when there is cold, thereby making them scarce. So now, the question is, where do they go? Because they need to stay somewhere warm at that point in time, you will mostly find them inside a hole in a tree, underground, or under leaves. With time, they enter a state of brumation similar to hibernation.

Will it be the same for house lizards? Because these are indoors, they will have to hide in wall crevices or beneath the soil.

What attracts lizards into my house?

Many homeowners with lizard infestation are yet to know where they are living with those annoyingly perky reptiles. If you are a victim, this would be an eye-opener for you.

There are several things that can attract lizards to your house. Number one is food, not only the regular food. It could be roaches, beetles, and ants. So getting rid of household pests should be your priority. Also, things like dirty dishes and crumbs in the kitchen usually attract them.

Do humans attract lizards?

Well, the answer is – NO! Because lizards are not parasitic organisms that live with the interest of living within or without a human body. That lizard in your house could be due to the tasty insects around your home or due to a let-out hole in your windows or doors.

Does cold water kill lizards instantly?

Yes! It does. Lizards cannot bear to stay cold for a whole time, so when cold water is used on them, it will constrict their blood flow and lead to their instant death. Other natural remedies like onion, pepper spray, garlic, eggshells, and naphthalene balls prevent them from entering your home.

Can I use insecticide spray on lizards?

Somehow we can say that this works but is not effective or instantly. In some cases, it might not be of any effect on the lizard at all.

However, if only you happen to spray the insecticide on the lizard for a few seconds before it attacks you or runs away, you have to wait for like 5 to 10 minutes, after which it would have come out of its hiding place, half dead. Then you can spray more on it to eliminate it.

Can I use bleach to get rid of house lizards?

How do I get rid of lizards permanently

Yes! You can. Bleach is a very strong chemical, and those pesky lizards will not stand a chance to survive by the time you pour this bleach over them. It will burn and kill the lizards even to the last of their eggs. So rest assured and get on with it.

Do mothballs deter lizards?

Do mothballs deter lizards

Mothballs are household items that homeowners normally apply or leave on clothes. This item is very effective as it oozes some odor that can be very threatening to lizards; hence, its the ability to deter them. Just scatter them around the ground.

How to thoroughly inspect your area or homes for Lizards

As long as you already know that you have a lizard problem or infestation, the next best step is to thoroughly inspect your belongings for any suspicious signs.

To do this, you need to begin by:

Checking for open screens: these could be your window screens. Ensure that there are no open or torn window screens and, if any, do well to repair and keep them intact for safety purposes.

Inspect visible hiding places: just mentioned earlier, lizards like sheltered areas. So, you will have to check places like your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or outdoor sheds. To check for any signs of lizards. One of which is their droppings.

Please pay attention to potential lizard highways: such a place is their entry point. So make sure to inspect properly at all costs.

Check for trails: since lizards feed on insects, they can leave a trail of leftovers. And if you have a garden as a homeowner, it will be very wise of you to check for insect trails there, too, because gardens are very prone to having a lot of insects.

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Dealing with lizard infestation would no longer be a handful of tasks or an impossible task if you can do well to follow up with the guides as written in this article.

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