Can You Flush Pubic Hair

Can You Flush Pubic Hair

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Can You Flush Pubic Hair Down The Toilet

A clogged drain occurs in nearly every home at some point. For example, flushing inappropriate things down the toilet, food or grease in the kitchen sink drain, or soap scum and hair clogs in the bathtub and shower drains are possible causes. But here comes the nagging question of all Can You Flush Pubic Hair?

Hair and foreign items are the most common causes of clogged pipes and drains. Unfortunately, despite being careful, you may still get a clogged drain problem. And you get to wonder, how do you put an end to this clogging menace? Despite trying out various do-it-yourself drain unclogging solutions, the problem is likely to linger.

Human hair can build up to the point where it clogs toilet drains, showers, bathroom drains, bathtubs, and laundry, causing a gradual or complete obstruction. 

Causes of Pipe and drain clogs

Bathroom Wipes

As a result, flushing bathroom wipes down the toilet will result in a clogged toilet. Do not flush bathroom wipes. Bathroom wipes aren’t supposed to dissolve in water readily.

You should not attempt to unclog the toilet on your own. Instead, call a plumber to help you figure out what’s causing the clog and get it fixed.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is one of the leading causes of toilet clogs. Your toilet will get clogged if you flush a significant volume of toilet paper at once.

Diapers and feminine products

Diapers and feminine hygiene items should never be flushed down the toilet. They are non-biodegradable. They can also cause more serious problems, such as cracks or leaks in your drain and pipes, and can cause clogging. 

Oily Food and Grease

Pour unused cooking oils into a melt-proof container, such as a can or jar, and toss them in the garbage if they are not needed again. Food fats, oils, and grease fat can cause serious blockages in your drainage system because they harden in the pipes. 

Can You Flush Pubic Hair?

No, it is not OK to put hair down the toilet. This is because hair tends to attach to the interior of pipes, clogging them over time. This eventually leads to bigger problems later.

Use drain covers to safeguard your shower and sink drains, and don’t ever attempt to flush huge clumps of hair down the toilet.

Other Items You Shouldn’t Flush

Make it a point of duty to only flush toilet paper and human waste containing excrement and urine. No other thing should be flushed down the toilet. The following items should also never be flushed:

  • Food waste, especially oily and hard leftovers,
  • Rubber goods and condoms
  • Paper towels and hygiene goods
  • Butts from cigarettes and toilet paper
  • Paper and cat litter
  • Q-tips and baby wipes
  • Medications and tampons

Will Flushing Pubes clog toilet?

Yes. a of the most common cause of drain clogs is hair. It can wreck your plumbing system, so don’t flush it. Because of the way toilets are built, pubes will adhere to the pipes, preventing them from being flushed and eventually forming a large mass.

Where should you shave your pubes?

It’s all about personal preference, so it’s entirely up to you. Shaving and where you shave your pubic hair is a personal choice.

Is it OK to shave pubes in the shower?

Shaving in the shower may be the best and safest option for you. Your pubic hair will soften due to the water, thereby reducing your chances of cuts and razor burns.

In addition, showering softens hair and makes shaving easier. Shower shaving is not without its downside. Shower shaving will eventually clog your drain. 

So shaving in the shower is both convenient and healthy. Make it more frequently when the pubic hair is still very negligible to cause a clog.

How often should you shave your vag?

What frequency do you shave? How close you shave your pubic area depends on your choice, how close you want it. A close shave usually lasts one or two days and needs maintenance every two to three days.

Does pubic hair fall out with age?

Yes, it does. Some people lose more pubic hair as they get older. And this can be attributed to either a medical condition or their genetic makeup. Menopause, on the other hand, can result in a shift in hormone levels, which can lead to hair loss in the pubic area and other parts of the body.

How to get rid of pubic hair permanently?

By electrolysis or laser hair removal. Electrolysis and laser hair removal are both lasting and permanent options for pubic hair removal. A laser destroys hair follicles, and heat also destroys hair follicles, preventing hair regrowth.

How do you dispose of pubic hair?

You can get this done by shaving the hair on paper to put the hair together in one place. Shaving is a popular and relatively painless method of removing pubic hair. After that, fold or close up the paper and discard it in the trash can. Hair can also be disposed of through your bathroom drains.

In addition, you can use the waxing method to remove the hair. Some people prefer waxing strips or kits available over the counter.

How to trim pubic hair without itching female

Proper Cleaning of the Pubic area. Wash your pubic area with soap or body wash before cutting or shaving it

Prepare the area to be groomed by exfoliating it. Exfoliation clears the hair follicles of any dead skin cells or sebum. This gives a smooth possible surface for your razor or other tools to slide through.

Get a very good pair of clippers. Trimming your pubic hair with the right equipment can make or break the experience. 

A small-sized goatee or nose hair trimmer with a blade guard to achieve uniform length. This is readily available in stores.

Wet shaving and dry trimming: If you’re merely going to cut hair and not shave it, wait until it’s completely dry before starting. 

When shaving, consider the bikini style. This is a beach-friendly, low-intensity style. Trim your hair uniformly, but shave anything along your leg (so that no hair sticks out of your bikini bottom).

To keep the region smooth and swimsuit-friendly, give it a general trim with scissors or an electric razor.

And if using a razor, make sure it is sharp. The best razor is a new, disposable one. Itchy red pimples are encouraged by a dull razor. Shave hair along the direction of growth. Shave towards the direction of the hair rather than against it; it will take more time, but you will minimize irritation to the barest minimum. You can also shave with a gel or a non-scented shaving cream.

Trim in an easily cleanable location. For example, sit or stand in the shower. 

To inspect your pubic area, get a hand mirror to assess your progress. 

It will be better to have a warm bath or shower for 10-12 minutes before shaving to help soothe your skin.

Next, trim the hair evenly. The extent of the trim is your choice, although you’ll be cautious to avoid skin cuts.

Use scissors or an electric trimmer to finish up.

Will shaving in the shower clog the drain?

Can You Flush Pubic Hair

Yes, it will. Why Does Shaving Cause Drain Clogs? Hair makes clogs worse in many plumbing systems. Hair is insoluble in water, so it cannot be dissolved in the drain. Avoid clogging. Avoid the need to call the plumber emergently. Stay away from the act.

Can hair clog a toilet?

Yes, it can, Oftentimes, it might appear as a trivial topic, but the truth is that flushing hair down the toilet is not recommended. Hair clogs the pipes in showers, sinks, and toilets.

It is particularly more serious with older drains as they have more bumps and folds, making the problem worse. In addition, hair adheres to everything, clogging toilet pipes with various impediments. And it doesn’t take long for the blockage to form.

It creates a huge mass that results in severe obstructions in pipelines, sewers, and plumbing.

Dispose of your hair into the trash or compost it.

Can short hair clog a drain?

Blocked drains are caused majorly by the hair, irrespective of whether it is long or short. Short hair can clog a bathtub drain equally as long hair, so it’s largely believed that women mainly cause the hair to clog.

Hair is the main cause of clogs in the pipes because it inhibits water from flowing freely down them.

What is the best drain cleaner to dissolve hair?

Drano Max Gel Clog Remover is considered the best all-around option.

It is safe for PVC and even septic systems. The strong bleach composition in Drano Max Gel cuts through standing water and helps break down hair and other clog-causing agents.

Does hair dissolve in sewer?

Human hair decomposes in about two years. So, if you have a hair-clogged drain or pipes, you will inconvenience yourself for that length of time unless you get it fixed by professionals.


Pubic hair is not recommended to be flushed down the toilet as it does more harm to the plumbing system than good. It ends up creating clogs in the pipes and drains. While it is unlikely to cause difficulties at the initial stage, you should expect effects to emerge with time. 

As a result, don’t flush your hair down the toilet. Consider tossing it in the trash instead or, better still, adopting a compost option.


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