Wood or Plastic Toilet Seat

Wood or Plastic Toilet Seat

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Specialists do not advise a frequent change of your toilet seat, which is in most instances because getting rid of the old one is not easy. Before this, there were times when you couldn’t afford to clean anymore. All you have to do is replace. You might be in a hurry to find a replacement and as well not know the right seat to go for. You get to ask yourself questions like, which seat should I go for, Wood or Plastic Toilet Seat?

Moreso, your indecisiveness might be because you don’t know much about the objects of discourse.

In this article, we will furnish you with the information to guide you in making the right choice rather than dictate it for you. With that, let’s get into the business.

Wood or Plastic Toilet Seat, which one is better?

Wood or Plastic Toilet Seat

If we pick or choose which one is better, it will never be the right choice as making this decision is connected to many factors.

Firstly, when we talk about the wooden toilet seat, we speak of the luxury, class, and natural look. A well fabricated wooden toilet seat can make your bathroom look enticing. The various styles and patterns also accompany this it comes with.

For homeowners in places below the freezing point, the wooden toilet seat is sure to offer the needed comfort and warmth over plastic.

Consequently, there are setbacks in selecting the wooden toilet, which favours the plastic toilet seat. One of these noticeable drawbacks is its low durability.

Due to the change in temperature, wood will most likely contract, warp, or expand, thereby damaging, which does not happen to plastic.

Also, one major disadvantage of wood is that it is a porous material. This is to say that cleaning and maintenance is not an easy job.

Next, the plastic toilet seat, the most used toilet seat, is known for its high durability compared to the wooden toilet seat as long as the quality product is being purchased. Due to this durability, they last for a long time, unlike the wooden toilet seat. This puts them ahead of the wooden toilet seat in a way it is cost-effective.

With all this in mind, you should be able to know which feature you would like to forfeit for the other. Many homeowners prefer the plastic seat to the wooden one, but this must not influence your decision. Go for the one that pleases you.

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Do wooden toilet seats smell?

Homeowners that wish to get a wooden toilet seat are fond of these questions. There’s often a misconception that they generate a bad odor in the toilet. This is not true.

The truth behind this smelling saga is that they only tend to smell when they are cracked. Moreso, when water, urine, or excrete enter these openings, you tend not to notice these, resulting in the toilet bringing out a bad or irritating odor.

A brand new wooden toilet seat will never smell unless any of these happens. To prevent this, avoid mounting much pressure that can break the seat on it.

Moreover, you can also try to regulate how it is being used by kids or pets capable of doing this unconsciously without knowing the havoc it can cause.

How long do wood toilet seats last?

Based on research, a well-installed toilet seat should last for about 5-7 years if used properly. You should, however, note that Wooden toilet seats do not last as long as plastic does.

This is simply owing to the vulnerability of wood to crack, wear, or get infected by termites.

Nowadays, these wooden toilet seats are constructed from compressed wood materials. They are painted white which makes it hard to distinguish the plastic and wooden seats at a glance.

Consequently, one call easily tells which is which by examining the weight since the Wooden will definitely be heavier than its counterpart.

As regards the cracking in wooden toilet seats, which plays a vital role in determining how she’ll live, compressed wood seats that do the job better than the traditional solid wood seats have been made available.

It lasts longer when it is painted. The 5-7 years guarantee allotted to the plastic seats is certain.

Are Plastic Toilets Seat Better than wood?

Plastics are known not to generate unbearable weight, and they, of course, do not have any ceremonial way of installing them like most toilet seats.

Moreover, in cases where kids and pets are around rather than adults, a wooden seat works better due to easy cleaning after any form of unforeseen toilet accident.

We cannot blankly say that plastic toilet seats are better than wooden toilet seats; this can be seen in the fact that wood helps save money than plastic.

Like other natural materials, it seldom requires maintenance which is not so on the plastic part.

You should note they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Your choice will depend on how you can bear the disadvantages and appreciate the advantages.

Like every other two things with pros and cons, you have to figure out which is your favorite and the one to forgo. For example, a noticeable admirable feature of the wooden toilet seat is the magnificent view it clothes the toilet with.

In addition, it is obvious that the wooden toilet seat has its con as demand for maintenance in order to stay in good condition.

However, Plastic toilet seats will never show any form of a tear over a long period, unlike its counterpart.

With this in mind, you can, however, generate the fact that the plastic toilet seat tends to serve for a very long time if not a lifespan if you do not wish to replace it. So say, if you value comfort more than this, a wooden toilet seat is what you should go for.

Do Plastic Toilet Seats Stain?

They do. Plastic toilet seats are produced in beige, white, and off-white hue, and eggshells. The lighter these colors are, the more likely they are to stain. You should go for a darker color if you feel all this will give you issues.

However, you can decide to get over this by cleaning your toilet regularly. This, apart from preventing your toilet seat from staining, will help keep your family in good health.

So to say, when you discover these stains despite your proper cleaning, you can use Clorox disinfecting wipes or use other cleaning equipment.

What to consider when choosing toilet seats either Wood or Plastic Toilet Seat

As mentioned earlier, it is hard to figure out which toilet seat is the best as long as humans have their preferences. However, here are some factors you should consider in making your choice: you make sure you get everything you want in one place.


Comfort is one of the important factors you should consider when getting a toilet seat. When we talk of comfort, we are talking of plastic toilet seats.

They are more comfortable due to their potential to insulate against cold and resistance to sunlight.

They are also hardy, which can not be found in wooden seats as they are meant to last long. If what you value while using the toilet seat is comfort, then a Plastic toilet seat is what you should form.


Another important factor you should note is how hygienic you want your toilet to be. Choosing the right toilet In terms of hygiene, Plastic toilet seats are considered to have the upper hand.

Plastic, unlike wood, is not porous. The porosity of wood makes it vulnerable to bacteria and makes it grow, unlike plastic material.

Also, when there are cracks in the wooden toilet seat, water and urine tend to gush in, thereby constituting a bad odor in the toilet.

So to say, when trying to be hygienic in terms of your toilet seat, a plastic seat is what you should go for to avoid any complications.


Our tastes differ. You can’t get any form of this from a plastic toilet seat. If you’re the type that fancy designs and styles, then the wooden seat should be your priority.

The wooden toilet seat is available in various designs and interesting patterns that add beauty to your toilet rather than plastic.

Plastic toilets also come in different colors that give your toilet a sparkling look but are not as diverse and technical as wood. You can, however, decide which one suits your taste and go for it.


Talking of durability, the wooden toilet seat can possess an upper hand over the plastic toilet.

The plastic seat, as it sounds, is likely to break or crack when placed under certain pressure, which the wooden seat is likely to get past.

If you’re the type that cares about this, it will be better if you go for the wooden seat that gives your home a dazzling look all along.

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Are wooden toilet seats sanitary?

Although they are easy to clean, It can not be said that wooden toilet seats are sanitary. Wood is a porous element.

Whenever water or any liquid element is spilled or poured on it, the wood will absorb the liquid elements, and the absorption rate is affected by some factors.

This is owing to its porous attribute, which is not in plastic. Water or urine spills into the broken part of these Wooden toilet seats produce a bad odor after a reasonable period.

Notwithstanding, a wooden seat treated with care tends not to experience any of this and last longer. Ensuring it is free from moisture and proper maintenance is the key.

Wood or Plastic toilet seat

Are you tired of cleaning your old seat? And you are stuck between deciding on the type of toilet seat you should go for? Is your toilet seat broken beyond repair? Or do you want to have your bathroom remodeled?

Have you been having doubts about one toilet seat or the other and want to get clarified first before going to purchase one at any nearby local store around you, then you ought to know what to consider before choosing a toilet seat to lessen the difficulties in making your right choice.

Although wooden toilet seats are not commonly used by people but could be found readily available at some local hardware stores within and around you.

However, is it a good idea? What could be the reason behind it being referred to as a plastic toilet seat by some people?

In this article, we will look at some of the factors that you might have to consider before choosing a new toilet seat. Leaving you with a clear-cut answer and notes that your personal experience matters.

How to choose a new toilet seat

To choose a new toilet seat in replacement of the old one, there are several things you have to put into consideration or test run before you purchase that toilet seat, whether wooden or plastic.

Begin by taking measurements of the length of the toilet seat. It is mostly of length 16″ for round seats and 18″ for elongated ones.

This should be done after you have determined the shape of the toilet you have.
Decide on the material you want, whether plastic or wooden toilet seats.
Choose a toilet seat style depending on how your bathroom interior is decorated could be modern or traditional.

Decide based on the type of mount type you will prefer, whether you an integral bolt and but or a conventional bolt-and-nut mount. Usually, conventional bolt-and-nuts are very easy to use, while the integral can be frustrating, especially when there is the need to remove it.

In addition, conventional bolt-and-nut stands out as the most standard toilet seat.
Consider using padded toilet seats because of their comfort, including the warmth.

An example of this is soft toilet seats, mostly used for people recovering from childbirth or surgery.

What is the most comfortable toilet seat?

Going for the most comfortable toilet seat is a thing for anyone who is suffering from one form of discomfort or the other such as an irritable bowel syndrome, recovering from surgery or childbirth discomfort, Ulcerative Colitis including bedsores great importance.

Since toilet seats have now transitioned into comfortable hardware, choices can then be made depending on your preference.

Now, the most comfortable toilet seat is actually very much expensive, and it comes with a bidet, and it is usually heated.

However, you can go for a padded and elongated toilet seat if you want the most comfortable toilet seat. So, for maximum comfort, choose an elongated toilet seat.

How do you disinfect a wooden toilet seat?

Although they are hard-to-maintain properties, Wooden toilet seats can also be properly taken care of to increase their lifespan and health in contracting toilet-seat dermatitis.

To do that, you have to:

  • Properly engage the toilet seat hinges to ensure it is working well. Use a wrench to tighten hinges that appear loose.
  • Make use of hand soap and mix it with water. Next, use a sponge to scrub the seat and alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to kill germs.
  • Then, use clean water to wash it off and a soft cloth to dry clean.
  • Replace bumpers where necessary.

How often should you change your toilet?

Based on experts saying, toilets need replacement after 25 years of use, and this has been said to be the minimum toilet lifespan. However, for some reason, people believe porcelain toilets to have an unlimited lifespan, and it is mostly its components that need replacement.

Is a one-piece toilet better?

A one-piece toilet is a better option because it has a lot of advantages than a two-piece toilet. Some of these are easier to clean, very durable (due to their ability to resist moisture), save bathroom space, and are very easy to install, unlike their two-piece counterparts.

Wood vs. Plastic Toilet Seat FAQs

Is the wooden toilet seat porous?

Wooden toilet seats have an excellent porous property which is why it is hard to maintain because they will absorb more moisture and liquids.

Do plastic toilet seats stain or discolor easily?

Yes! They turn yellow over time, too, just as noticed in some old plastic toilet seats. However, experts say it doesn’t matter even if you are careful with it. Most stains are caused by urine or damage due to ultraviolet sunlight.

Do wooden toilet seats crack?

A wooden toilet seat is made of wood, a natural material that is very prone to crack when exposed to moisture. This activity occurs when it gets wet and shrinks, followed by swelling when exposed to Ultraviolet rays UV, then it cracks later on.


Overall, both toilet seats are quite nice. To choose between both depends on your preference as has been stated. The design, durability, and comfort are important factors you should look out for. Make sure you make the right choice and go for it.

If you are finding it hard to settle with a toilet seat of your choice and you are stuck between making a good decision, all you have to do is bring yourself to consider the above factors mentioned in this article. Of course, your personal preference should be considered as well.


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